The secret to super surgery – instruments!

There is a secret to performing great surgery – having decent instruments! There it is, the secret is out!   One of our pet hates […]

Benefits of lapspay mean it is fast becoming the surgery of choice

Lapspay is fast becoming the surgery of choice    Most people have either had or know someone who has undergone keyhole, or laparoscopic, surgery and […]

Why you shouldn’t worry about anal gland surgery

Anal gland infection must be a miserable condition for dogs. A piece of leftover evolution, serving no purpose for our modern companions, they abscessate and […]

A Q&A with MSM Vets founders 

MSM Vets has worked with veterinary practices across the country, and we’re happiest doing what we do best and sharing our skills with other veterinary […]

Starting up your veterinary practice with support

Launching an independent veterinary practice creates a high workload and an extremely busy time for all involved. From business planning and administrative set-up to tools […]

The importance of education and mentoring in veterinary practice

Veterinary surgeons have a commitment to lifelong learning – but we know hectic schedules can prove a challenge to accessing CPD or improving through mentoring. […]

Back at BVA Live

We had a great couple of days at BVA Live! It was a pleasure to be on site as the veterinary community gathered to develop […]

How to ask your employer for veterinary mentoring

Are you eager to improve your surgical skills but not sure how to ask your employer to invest in you? Sharing the huge list of […]

Liver cases in dogs and cats – where to go next

Liver cases in dogs and cats often end in a dead end.  After presentation, bloods and diagnosis of a liver-based issue, where do you go […]

Welcome to the team, Jo!

Our first year in business has seen us working on training and mentoring with veterinary practices across the country – and as we head into […]