Friday 17th June, 2022

Performing lap spays solo – in three days

As our on-site training increases across the Midlands and beyond Rob paid a visit to the Animal House Vets in Rugby to work with Veterinary Surgeon Victoria West on laparoscopic neutering, otherwise known as the lap spay procedure.


Training and Mentoring

The training takes place over three days and aims to give experience and reassurance so that when we leave those we are working with can perform operations solo and with confidence.

We asked Victoria to share her experience of the training and mentoring sessions and whether they achieved what she was hoping to achieve….


Laparoscopic neutering

“Rob came to our clinic at the start of April for three days to teach me the art of laparoscopic neutering. I can honestly say I had a fantastic experience. 

“We started with a simulator to get my eye in, and then moved on to live patients. Over the three days, we operated on six dogs (five spays, and one cryptorchid castrate). 

“I gradually performed more and more of each of the procedures, under Rob’s watchful eye, until I was pretty much solo on day three. 

“We did encounter common complications (due to my case selection) which were actually really useful learning. 

“Rob was an excellent teacher and I felt very confident under his guidance. He also was able to appraise our kit and protocols, advising of improvements that needed to be made and giving us the necessary contacts.

“Since my training I have happily performed lap spays solo, really enjoying the procedures. I would 100% recommend Rob and look forward to being able to have him back in practice to train me in other procedures in the future.”


Learning in your own environment

For Victoria, learning in-practice in her own environment and with her own team and her own kit – on real animals – made it much easier for her to learn quickly and confidently.

She was a great student and we are really pleased to hear how effective the training has been and of the great benefits to both Victoria and the Animal House Vets practice.


Laparoscopic spay training packages

We carry out a number of lap spay packages from a one-day refresher to three-day mentoring with two follow-up monthly visits.

You can learn more about the range of packages and procedures here.

Posted by Rhea Alton