Price List


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Product Description
Procedure price
Mentoring Price

Laparoscopic Spay (ideally 2 or more)£400£480
Laparoscopic Ovarian Remnant Surgery (ORS)£900£1,080
Laparoscopic OHE£800£960
Laparoscopic gastropexy£840£1,050
Laparoscopic Biopsy (Liver, renal, pancreatic, intestinal)£840£1,050
Laparoscopic Cryptorchid£600£720
Laparoscopic Pyometra£1,000£1,200
Laparoscopic assisted cystotomy (males)£1,200£1,440
Laparoscopic assisted FB removal£840£1,050
Cystoscopy / vaginoscopy +/- biopsy£840£1,050
Rhinoscopy +/- biopsy£840£1,050
Bronchoscopy +/- BAL£840£1,050
Gastroscopy / duodenoscopy +/- biopsy£840£1,050
Non-surgical endoscopic aspergillosis treatment£1,260£1,550

Orthopaedic surgery
Ortho - Amputate Limb£950£1,140
Ortho - Femoral Head and Neck Excision (FHNE) Dog£1,000£1,200
Ortho - Hip/SI Luxation Reduct/Fix (ex implants)£1,050£1,260
Ortho - Patella Luxation Fixation- TCT£950£1,140
Ortho - Patella Luxation Fixation regroove/TCT£1,050£1,260
Ortho - Arthrodesis (Pancarpal / Pantarsal) (ex implants)£1,500£1,800
Ortho - Fracture Uncomplicated (ex implants)£900£1,080
Ortho - Fracture Complex (ex implants)£1,200£1,440
Ortho - Unilateral Humeral Condylar Fracture (ex implants)£1,300£1,560
Ortho - Bilateral Humeral Condylar Fracture; Y fracture (ex implants)£1,500£1,800
Ortho - Cruciate Lateral Suture Cat£750£900
Ortho - Cruciate Lateral Suture Dog£950£1,140
Ortho - Cruciate TTA£1,300£1,560
Ortho - Cruciate CCWO£1,300£1,560
Ortho - Cruciate TPLO£1,450£1,740

Soft tissue surgery
Mammary Strip Full£800£960
Cherry Eye£800£960
Conjunctival Pedicle Graft£900£1,080
Brachycephalic Syndrome Surgery: staphlect/nose/tonsil/saccules£950£1,140
Anal Gland Removal - Bilateral£850£1,020
Aural - Lateral Wall Resection£850£1,020
Aural - Vertical Canal Ablation£950£1,140
Aural - Ventral Bulla Osteotomy£1,000£1,200
Liver Lobe Removal£1,100£1,320
Mass Removal - Complex£950£1,140
Caudal Epigastric Flap and Mass Removal £1,400£1,680
Hernia - Perineal£1,050£1,260
Hernia - Prepubic (Abdominal Wall Rupture)£1,100£1,320
Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (GDV) Surgery£1,050£1,260
Hernia - Diaphragmatic£1,050£1,260
Urethrostomy - Pre-Scrotal/Perinal Dog£1,050£1,260
Aural - Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) and LBO£1,300£1,560
Laryngeal Tie-Back£1,300£1,560
Urethrostomy - Perineal Cat£1,050£1,260

Laparoscopic spay training packages
1 day (some experience/ refresh)£1,450
2 day (some experience and team training)£2,900
3 day (novice, team and business strategy training)£4,200
3 day with 2 follow up monthly visits£6,500

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