Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

What can MSM Vets do for veterinary nurses?

Our key aim at MSM Vets is to keep veterinary surgery in practice by training and mentoring veterinary nurses and surgeons.


How do we do this?

By training and mentoring people who work at veterinary practices so they feel confident to carry out surgeries themselves, rather than referring to other practices or passing on the work to a colleague. 

That includes nurses, too!


Can they even perform surgery?!

In a word – yes. Although, it’s a little more complicated than that.

According to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 (Schedule 3 Amendment) Order 2002, “veterinary surgeons may direct registered veterinary nurses who they employ, to carry out limited veterinary surgery”. 


What does that mean?

It means it’s down to the veterinary surgeon to ensure their nurse is capable and qualified to carry out any treatments or surgical duties. 

Veterinary nurses aren’t allowed to perform any and every surgery – however, there are a number of procedures they can carry out under supervision.

These include small/medium wound repair, benign skin mass removals, and skin closure following surgery. They can also carry out some dental procedures, too. 


The examples we’ve listed above are non-exhaustive, and you can find the full list of procedures veterinary nurses can perform here.


Great! So veterinary nurses can start offering procedures right now?

Not quite! Anyone performing veterinary surgery, no matter how big or small the procedure, needs to have the knowledge, skills and, importantly, the confidence to do it well. 

Luckily, we know just the people who can make this happen…


What can MSM Vets do for veterinary nurses?

Just like with every other mentee of ours, we teach veterinary nurses to perform surgery confidently and knowledgeably. 

The training we offer helps nurses become a pivotal part of the surgical solution – keeping veterinary surgery in-house. 

Whether that’s a top-up session after some time away from the surgery room as a way to refresh skills and boost confidence, or a fully-fledged mentoring programme where we enable a veterinary nurse to develop the relevant skills and confidence to carry out necessary surgeries at their practice independently. 

Not only does this free up more time for vets to carry out more challenging surgeries, but it will allow veterinary nurses to feel valued, challenged and stimulated at work and should improve staff retention.

Another benefit of MSM Vets training? It can go towards your CPD hours!


How can I get started?

Our training and mentoring can be delivered to individuals or teams on-site, just contact us with who you want training (it can be you!) and what you’d like us to cover and let us do the rest.

Veterinary nurses are amazing. Let’s not see their skills and passion go to waste.

Posted by Rhea Alton