Starting up your veterinary practice with support

Launching an independent veterinary practice creates a high workload and an extremely busy time for all involved.

From business planning and administrative set-up to tools of the trade, recruitment and marketing – and that all has to be put on the backburner when it comes to the clients to be treated.

Here at MSM, we are really pleased to be able to be part of the support team for vets in a new veterinary practice – helping them to create a practice that supports their patients in every way possible.

Positive impact

We have been working with Alveley Village Vets, which opened its doors earlier this year, and spoke to Lauren about the impact it has had on the business.

Lauren Wheeler said: “As we’re a new start-up we’re currently working with MSM on a case-by-case basis. 

“It’s so reassuring to know the team at MSM are there when we need them. I feel the clients also really like the fact that specialist work can be done at their local and familiar practice without being charged a premium. And we’re able to keep all the follow-up and rehab work in-house also, benefitting us as a new, small business.”

Mentoring services

Vets Lauren and Charlie Greenwood are utilising the MSM Vets surgical services but hope to work with us on mentoring services as they head into the future.

“It’s a fantastic service MSM Vets offer, it really is,” adds Lauren. “As our client base and caseload grow, I hope we can take advantage of the mentoring service also. Big thank you to the team at MSM.”

If you are a new or existing practice looking for a way to incorporate specialist work into your practice without asking your patients and their owners to travel elsewhere, then please do let us know. We would be happy to chat through the options we can offer and how we can work alongside you.

Get in touch with vets Rob on 07496 322059 or Ryan on 07496 359164 or via our contact form.