Thursday 2nd February, 2023

Career development vital for veterinary nurses and general practice

It’s not uncommon for RVN’s to feel their careers are becoming stagnant – many will look to other opportunities within the profession to further develop or as a way of increasing their salary, while others may be tempted to look outside the profession altogether.

We recently carried out a poll on Linkedin where we asked veterinary nurses to tell us what they wanted from their career. The responses proved interesting with 50% saying they wanted more responsibility and 50% wanting to gain more confidence.


Remaining passionate

It is important for nurses to realise that becoming a head nurse, going into practice management or diversifying into education are not the only options available. They can stay in practice – doing the job they are passionate about.

A great way to feel more valued in practice by management, colleagues and clients is to develop and advance skills as a surgical nurse. With training and support they can feel empowered to complete a range of schedule three procedures – increasing levels of knowledge, confidence and responsibility.

This will have the effect of  freeing up vets to use their time more efficiently while also providing the sought after career satisfaction and give junior or training nurses something to aspire to.


Broadening your horizons

There are a number of minor surgeries a registered veterinary nurse can carry out after receiving the mentoring, training and qualifications necessary to take that next step in career development. It will also enable the undertaking of diagnostic tests, other testing under veterinary direction, and the monitoring of anaesthesia.

The additional skill-set will be of immense benefit to the practice and be another important factor in the retaining of services in-house rather than needing to refer cases on.

MSM Vets has the expertise to mentor and train nurses within your practice to the appropriate standards required to gain the necessary qualifications. It is just one of the range of services we are able to offer and something we have successfully carried out many times. For more information, drop us an email

Posted by Rhea Alton