Friday 2nd June, 2023

The importance of education and mentoring in veterinary practice

Veterinary surgeons have a commitment to lifelong learning – but we know hectic schedules can prove a challenge to accessing CPD or improving through mentoring.

This is why, as a mobile surgical mentoring team, we visit practices to operate alongside, and mentor, veterinary surgeons and registered veterinary nurses (RVNs) through the procedures they wish to retain in-house.


Instil confidence and skills

One-to-one teaching and mentoring is not only a really effective way to learn but also enhances a veterinary practice’s surgical offerings by instilling confidence and developing skills.¬†

RVNs especially can often feel their careers are becoming stagnant and want more responsibility and more confidence, and many RVNs and vet practitioners return after maternity leave looking for a refresh.


Customised teaching 

Our experienced surgeons are dedicated to providing customised teaching that meets the specific needs of those we are mentoring. From surgical techniques to diagnostic procedures, we aim to help them enhance and develop their confidence and skills in order to provide the best possible surgical outcomes for patients.

Every veterinary professional has unique needs based on their practice, patients and the resources available to them – and we are also able to advise on these resources as part of our offering.


Fits the schedule of the veterinary practice

Our approach ensures that instruction is personalised, tailored to needs and fits the schedule of each practice. We can also identify areas for development and work with teams to create a learning plan.

We are committed to creating the right mindset and communication within a team and sharing our knowledge and expertise to ensure that surgery is kept in first-opinion practice.

If this is something that you feel your practice would benefit from, please do get in touch with us to discuss options.


Posted by Rhea Alton